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2nd day

Sorry guys I haven't been on here for a while. I had a busy week. (testing testing testing) so much testing in one week. So tiring. I hope I did good. Last night I finished the book 'Babylonne' by Catherine Jinks and it was really good. Pagans Crusade, Pagans Exile, Pagans Vows and Pagans Scribe were really good! and then Babylonne the last book. I wish their would be more books. :( Now I'm reading the book 'The Luxe' pretty good so far. Todays the start of my weekend and it's almost over. GREAT!!! next things you know, it's gonna be Monday again and then the week will start ALL OVER AGAIN!!! UGH!! GREAT!!!! I'm tired. Gotta get some sleep.
Have a nice day folks! :)

1st day

Welcome Folks!

My name is Millie. I decided to make myself a journal because I just wanted to say my thoughts, and to talk to people who likes the things I like. (If their is) but anyways I found out about 'Live Journal' by my friend so i decided to join. I still need to get the hang of this. Heh Heh. I might warn you I'm a big fan of Vampires. Not those romance novels like 'Twilight' I read all four of the books, But I'm not a really big fan of it.

Let's see here. Everyday I walk to my High School fives blocks away from my apartment, theirs a house. Always has an eerie feeling whenever I walk pass it. So I call it the " Vampiresa Casa" long story why I called it that. But I'll tell you another day. I prefer people call me Millie... or Roxas doesn't matter. :)



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